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PULLIN Underwear and the Evolution of the Boxer Brief

Posté le December 08 2017

PULLIN Underwear and the Evolution of the Boxer Brief


PULLIN underwear, specifically their boxer briefs are the definition of the evolution of men's underwear. Just 30 years ago, boxer briefs didn't exist, and just starting in the early 90's, they became extremely popular and highly in demand. Why did this transition happen? And how did this new style of underwear evolve as fast as it did?

The boxer brief was invented in the 1950's by designer John Varvatos while he was working for Calvin Klein. Although the product was, and still is revolutionary in its own terms, the main reason why boxer briefs are as popular as they are today, is because of the marketing. The famous campaign ad with Mark Wahlberg, then known as Marky Mark, with Calvin Klein quickly went viral internationally.



The way in which the boxer brief was conceptualized is pretty straight-forward. John Varvatos was lead designer for menswear and went on to say in a 2010 interview that when creating boxer-briefs him and his team "just cut off a pair of long johns and thought, this could be cool..."

He was right. It was cool. Seems like a simple idea, but here we are almost 30 years later, and boxer briefs are a staple in contemporary menswear. Looking at PULLIN underwear, we see just how far boxers have come. PULLIN Boxer briefs that we sell here at are made of printed elastane LYCRA®. The boxer briefs are a combination of polyester and LYCRA® which is a comparable materiel to spandex. This ensures breathability and comfortability while keeping everything where it's supposed to be.

PULLIN caters to the new generation of men who like to identify through clothing, even through socks and underwear. Sometimes when individuals have to wear a uniform to work or school, the only way they can express their style is through their socks and underwear, even though not everyone gets a glimpse at that. 

From basic white and black Calvin Klein boxers, to these multi-coloured, vibrant, expressive, polyester and LYCRA® blend PULLINs, we see how boxer briefs are forever evolving and are here to stay.

Shop PULLIN boxer briefs on our website now and keep checking back for more informational blog posts.


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