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Au Noir Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

Posté le March 19 2018

Au Noir’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection comes in with a bang. Featuring over 30 new styles of their signature dress shirts. It seems as though these dress shirts get better with every season. Spring 2018 shows a higher attention to detail in regards to fabric choice just to begin. The new line features the Coronado Jacquard as well as the Stephano which both use jacquard materials like in seen in previous seasons. This is a signature fabric used with Au Noir for multiple reasons. It creates a depth to products and a 3-D like finish. It is also very different from what most dress shirt companies use. This use of Jacquard not only creates a unique look, but also a rich, professional look as well.

Since it is the Spring / Summer collection, it is only right that Au Noir developed an impeccable line of short-sleeve dress shirts as well as a polo collection. The short sleeve dress shirts carry the same quality and attention to details as the long sleeves. The only difference is that you have no detailed cuffs (since there are no cuffs on short sleeve shrits). Don’t be worried. There are still unique details about Au Noir’s short-sleeved shirts. There is a minimal yet noticeable piping about 2 inches above where the sleeve ends, giving a contrast look of the fabrics used in the design. The short sleeve shirts also features a tab on each side. Sometimes the design team uses the same fabric as the main body, with a contrast button, and other times the tab is a contrast fabric giving a pop of colour to the less-pattern oriented shirts.

Au Noir’s has released 30 new polo’s in their newest collection. Thats 12 different styles, 5 of which come in at least 4 different colours. Talk about options. There is a polo for everyone and anyone in this collection. The polo section really shows how Au Noir has progressed and how they are accelerating the brand by offering more, and newer styles of polos. Just to give a few examples, the Andrew Polo is a more conservative design, that still pays attention to detail inside the collar, the piping and the inside button-hole side placket but features a solid body main colour. On the other hand, you have the flashy, attention-grabbing all-star team of polos.  The (Michael) Jordan, The Kobe (Bryant) and The (Moses) Malone are all polos that feature an all-over-print of multiple colours that work very well and that are perfect for the spring and summer months, especially while enjoying some time in the sun.

It would not be an Au Noir collection, if it wasn’t for their array of blazers. The Garcia Nuovo, The Martin and the Wayne are all the blazers that are new this season, with Au Noir. The Garcia Nuovo is distinguishing because it features a laser-cut finish. What this means is that there is no seem when the product is finished. The laser-cut gives an look that you can petty well see inside the garment. You can see the layers of production, the layers of fabric, without any splitting of fabric. This creates a unique contemporary look, not always seen on mens blazers. Laser cutting blazers is something unique and different, while still keeping a professional and beautiful finish to Au Noir’s blazers.


Finally, the biggest and most noticeable change to Au Noir’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection would be their incorporation of sneakers and dress shoes. Thats right! Au Noir has just started to develop a line of sneakers and dress shoes to go along with their ever growing aesthetic and fashion brand. The John and the Max are sneakers that are not only comfortable and modern, but they also go along with the entire identity of Au Noir and its clothing. If you pair these sneakers with some jeans, a dress shirt and a blazer by Au Noir, you are definitely wearing a spectacular, stylish and modern semi-formal outfit. Out with the old dress pants, white shirt and blazer, in with the modern professional look. This is what Au Noir is all about. Staying professional and elegant, while remaining modern and cool.



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